About Modern Metal Art

About Modern Metal Art

We offer unique, handmade, original and signature series metal sculptures for the modern decorator (home or office). Our endeavors began in 2003 while one of our artisan was working for the United States Air Force. At that time, he started experimenting with bending, cutting and grinding decorative aluminum panels after designing and building an experimental electro-polishing fixture. As time persisted, he began developing wall art on the weekends, occasionally selling them through online auctions. As the popularity and demand for the sculptures grew, we began expanding capabilities and offerings, including steel, copper and bronze wall art and free-standing sculptures; with both natural metal finishes and vibrant painted finishes. Our artwork is now collected in over 40 countries around the globe, and by celebrities, professional athletes, and fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Our fine metal art business consists of a design and fabrication studio (which also facilitates the photography, packaging and worldwide shipping capabilities) in Cincinnati, Ohio, and also a nearby fine art gallery featuring my work along with a few other talented contemporary artists. In 2010 the facility was expanded from 1200 to over 3500 square feet of modern industrial work space. To accentuate our ultra-modern artwork style, we designed the new building with contemporary minimalistic architecture.


  • All wall hanging and free-standing sculptures are fabricated from aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, brass and copper from the material forms of sheet, plate, tube or wrought
  • Material alloys are hand-selected to ensure environmental friendliness as well as robust application for both indoor and outdoor placement
  • Mixed materials such as Plexiglas are used in the creation of unique designs


One of the most critical elements of our metal grind patterns is the consistency. Other artists have come and gone in the industry, attempting to replicate many of our unique grind patterns. None have been able to achieve the remarkable precision, surprising consistency, ability to accurately recreate, or the level of depth and dimension that our grinds have.

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FAQ’s about my grind patterns:


  • Hand-ground metal art is suitable for indoor/outdoor applications
  • We personally hand-deliver all of our signature grind patterns and artistic designs to the metal so that each sculpture is unique
  • Grinds patterns are made to utilize the reflection of light; we offer advice on sculpture placement and lighting for optimal visual aesthetics
  • We’ve created over thirty unique patterns which are signature of our work and range from heavy to light grinding techniques
  • We continuously create new patterns, especially when working on custom designs
  • Grinds can be placed on any of my metal options: aluminum, copper, bronze and stainless steel
  • We use a wide variety of handheld manual and electric tools with various grinding pads, textures, grits, directions, angles, and levels of pressure and intensity to achieve my metal grind patterns
  • Polishing and protective finishing processes applied to all hand-ground artwork


  • Professional grade cutting equipment such as nibblers, shears and CNC laser/plasma cutters are used to make precise intricate curves and general linear cuts
  • Panels can be ordered in virtually any size to meet the specifications of your custom order


  • Preparation step for painting or finishing that gives sculptures a quality look


We color much of our artwork using a transparent painting process with atomized acrylic spray, so that the grind patterns are vibrantly reflected through the paint in a large spectrum of colors—We personally developed this technique, and remain the only metal artists in the industry with this capability. Learn more about our color & paint techniques.


  • Color is underlaid with a transparent protective primer base coat
  • Polishing and protective finishing processes is applied to all colored artwork
  • All colored metal art is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

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Digital Printing:


  • Sculptures containing digital art prints are only for indoor applications



  • UV resistant indoor/outdoor clear coat overlaid on color or pure metal: aluminum oxide on aluminum; chromium oxide on stainless steel and copper
  • Provides environmental protection against corrosion and adds brilliant reflection to the sculpture
  • This protective coating is the same finish used on Lexus automobiles, allowing us to confidently guarantee the finish and metallic shine of your sculpture

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