Design Consultations

Artwork & Design Consultation

With a wide range of capabilities and creative mind, it would be impossible to list everything we can offer to our customers on one website. That is why we provide custom design consultations to best serve and fulfill your unique needs.

We can fabricate virtually any artwork, feature or design idea that you have for your home, office or accessories in our studio. Past examples of custom design projects we have worked on are: custom fireplace covers, ground tabletops, ground vases, bar fronts, back splashes, light switch/outlet covers, door handles and home accent pieces…if you can think it, chances are we can make it! The combinations of size, style, color and grind patterns leave endless possibilities, so read below to start planning your custom artwork.

Limitless Design Options

  • Metals
  • Other Materials
  • Grind Patterns & Colors
  • Size
  • Sculpture Type
  • Style


Choose from aluminum, stainless steel, copper and bronze in the form of sheet, plate, tube or wrought metal for your custom fine metal art sculpture.


We are willing to incorporate almost any material you desire. For example: stained glass, diamond plate or punched metal can all be added to your custom artwork design.


Check out the options on our grind patterns and colors pages. We can do any combination of these features, as well as come up with something new to match your interior pallet or corporate identity.


The majority of the artwork is sized according to a standard that works well in most spaces. However, large scale wall sculptures are the product of most of our custom work. We’ve made large scale pieces in excess of excess of 96 x 180 inches (8 x 15 feet).


Artwork includes but is not limited to wall art, free standing art, features, accessories, decor, signs and furniture. services span residential, retail, corporate, hospitality, restaurant and many more applications and customer profiles.


While we specialize in ultra-modern, contemporary and abstract sculptures, we have produced artwork within a wide variety of styles. Our designs have also furnished vintage, retro, classic, antique and chic spaces.